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Traditional Undergraduate Tuition & Financial Aid

Ready to make an impact? Your FPU education will prepare you for all the possibilities for your future life and career. And it’s affordable, too. 95% of students receive financial aid. Grants, academic awards and other scholarships make attending FPU affordable.


Do the numbers below look big? Don’t worry. Financial aid covers 74% of tuition, room & board for the average student. Play the video below to learn more!

Angel Alvarez

Coming from a first-generation background, you don’t have a lot of coaching … I had dropped out of a major university. The community wasn’t there. I finally found 51 Pacific, took my second chance here, and I felt like this was God’s olive branch to me.

Angel Alvarez, School Counseling

Tuition & Fees

Tuition is the base cost of attending FPU classes. All undergraduate students pay a student body fee as well, which covers additional services (technology, counseling, etc.).

Total Cost ItemAmount
12-18 units (full-time) per year$35,990
Student body fee$670
Total Tuition & Fees$36,660
Per-Unit CostsAmount
Per unit / Overload$1,285
Summer Session$515
Private Music Instruction$400

Total Cost ItemAmount
12-18 units (full-time) per year$34,960
Student body fee$598
Total Tuition & Fees$35,548
Per-Unit CostsAmount
Per unit / Overload$1,248
Summer Session$500
Private Music Instruction$400

Room & Board

Room & Board are the costs of living in comfortable housing on our beautiful main 51 campus and enjoying delicious meals provided by FPU dining services.

Total Cost ItemAmount (Full Year)
Board (Meals)$5,410
Total Room & Board$10,210

Total Cost ItemAmount (Full Year)
Board (Meals)$5,130
Total Room & Board$10,148

Financial Aid

After you fill out the and enter our school code 001253, we can help you pay for your FPU education with grants, scholarships, and low-interest loans.

Based on a student’s 9-12 cumulative GPA based on a weighted, 4.0 scaled. Renewable if a minimum GPA is maintained.

Paragon Full Tuition
President's4.00 GPA and above$18,000
Dean's3.75-3.99 GPA$15,000
Heritage3.50-3.75 GPA$14,000
Faculty3.25-3.49 GPA$12,000
Director's3.0-3.24 GPA$10,000
Founder'sBelow a 3.0 GPA$8,000

To be considered for a Transfer Academic Scholarship, you must have 12 or more transferable, post-high school units and be enrolling in a Traditional Undergraduate program. Degree Completion programs are not eligible. GPA’s are based on transferable units and calculated by FPU.

Transfer Scholar3.50 GPA and above$14,000
Transfer Achievement3.0-3.49 GPA$10,000
Transfer Academic2.40-2.99 GPA$7,500
Transfer PartnershipBelow a 2.4 GPA$6,000

Athletic$500 to Full Tuition
Music$400 to $10,000
Theatre Arts$500 to $4,000
Art/Design$500 to $4,000

FPU Possibilities Scholarship Full Tuition
Church Match $500 to $1,500
International Scholarshipup to $6,000
Mennonite Brethren Award $4,000
Out of State Student Scholarship$4,000
Other Awards$100 to $10,000

Cal Grant A$9,358
Cal Grant B$1,648
Pell Grants$750 to $7,395
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant$1,000

Federal Direct$3,500 to $7,500
PLUS LoanUp to remaining cost
WorkstudyContingent on employment

Alumni, parents, friends, businesses and foundations have generously provided a special set of scholarships available to students attending 51 Pacific.

Net Price Calculators

Now that you’ve seen the financial aid opportunities available to FPU students, we can estimate what your true cost may be to attend 51 Pacific. Keep in mind that this is just a computer-generated, general estimate and may not capture all aid available. Please work with your FPU Student Financial Services advisor to discover your true net price.

Take the Next Step

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