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Diversity & Inclusion

51 Pacific is a regional campus whose student community comes from around the Central Valley. The university embraces diversity, challenges perspectives, and transforms individuals. It opens its doors to individuals who look different from one another to a space of learning so that they will cultivate change for the good of humanity. The hope is that students will embark on a journey that is Christ-centered so that they are driven towards social justice and service to others.

The goal of our Diversity and Inclusion program is not only to invite students, but to radically include them into the fold and fabric of the university. We want to challenge our students to be uncomfortable and to strive to be servant leaders through awareness and dialogue.

The Future Citizens and Allies program

It is a student led resource with the goal of informing ad supporting the undocumented community and its allies in becoming more aware and active in engaging with federal and state level immigration policy and participating civic activities. If you would like to know more information about our upcoming events, or get access to the programing materials, please or !

Division of Student Development Affinity Groups

The Mission of the MACE (Multiethnic Association of Cultural Engagement) Leadership team is to provide a community focused programing that supports, listens to and advocates for the diverse community at 51. The team will create and adapt programming to promote and further the mission of the affinity (ethnic-specific) group. .

Daughters of a Hispanic Institute: Is an affinity group formed for those who identify as Hispanic and/or Latina. We provide a safe space to support one another and want to celebrate our culture and ethnicities. Anyone is welcome to join to learn more or participate in our Hispanic and Latina Community at FPU.

2gether WE Stand: Is an affinity group formed for those who identify as multiracial. It is meant to provide community for individuals who are liking for a safe space to feel supported and heard. It is a place where an individual or community’s struggle can be voiced to others who can relate. Everyone is welcome to learn, participate and join our cohort.

The Work of Radical Inclusion

The work of radical inclusion is being willing to learn healthy, inclusive habits and unlearn harmful thoughts and implicit bias that can really harm others. The work of anti-racism is crucial if we are to journey into authentic inclusion.

The work of Diversity and Inclusion also involves spiritual formation. In 2017, the university was able to train student leaders in the work of spiritual formation and diversity. Below are a list a resources from Renew partnerships that weave together the call for justice in spiritual formation.

We Serve our AB540 Students and DACA Students

As part of the California Education Code, AB 540 allows certain students who have attended high school in California for 3 or more years and earned a high school diploma or its equivalent to be exempt from paying nonresident tuition at California Universities

If you want to know if you qualify for the AB 540 please see:

California Dream Act is the FAFSA Equivalent for Undocu-Students, and Due by March 2nd:

Seeking Support

Through 2019, 51 State Dream Success Center has opened their Undocu-Ally 2-Day Training to 51. Community Members who have completed this training are:

  • Breanne Wyse M.A. – Director of Diversity, Inclusion & Spiritual Formation
  • Martha Fregoso M.A. – Admissions Counselor

Local Resources for Undocumented Students

Undocumented Students and Family Resources during COVID