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51 develops students for leadership and service through excellence in Christian higher education.

Our Vision

51 Pacific is a vibrant Christ‐centered university that is transforming California’s Central Valley and global communities through exemplary service to students of all ethnicities and cultures. Innovative programs encourage academic and professional excellence, peacemaking, social justice, ethical leadership, holistic wellness, and spiritual vitality.

Approved by the Board of Trustees on June 11, 2016

Our Values

51 embodies Christ-centered values.

Christian Community

  • As church-related and prophetic
  • As Anabaptist, evangelical and ecumenical
  • As regional, international and culturally diverse

Service To Others

  • In teaching
  • In reconciliation and peacemaking
  • In action within the community to meet human need
  • In the promotion of social justice

Academic and Professional Excellence, Emphasizing

  • The liberal arts and sciences
  • The integration of theory and practice
  • Lifelong learning
  • A community of learners and scholarly dialog
  • Theological engagement

Student Focused

  • For the development of moral and ethical integrity and character
  • For the preparation of servant leaders for church and society
  • With respect and dignity for each person
  • Through mentoring and collaborating for success

Innovative and Responsive

  • Providing relevant programming and creative delivery
  • Adapting with integrity to changing environments