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Bridge to Ministry Pathway

What happens when your calling becomes your career?      

The Bridge to Ministry Pathway program is a planned, combined 3+2 undergraduate and graduate pathway for incoming students who want to pursue a career in ministry. Students will receive both a BA in a ministry related field and a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry in just 5 years or less! That knocks 2 years off the traditional degree pathway! 

In addition, program participants receive individualized mentoring, practical ministry training, a close-knit cohort learning model, and a $1,500 scholarship each year they maintain good standing in the program.


  • Have interest in pursuing a career in ministry.
  • Enroll in an approved bachelor’s degree program at FPU in a related field. Eligible programs include:
    • Christian Ministry and Leadership, B.A. 
    • Music and Worship Ministry, B.A. 
    • Other degree programs with a Minor in Christian Ministry.
  • Agree to and meet the Bridge to Ministry program requirements.
  • Priority consideration is given to new first-time freshmen. However, transfer applicants are encouraged to apply as there are some transfer slots available.

Pathway Requirements (Upon Selection)

  • Regular, individualized meetings with program director and mentor.
  • Participation in Faith, Works, and Economics (FWE) co-curricular events.
  • Maintain good academic standing (2.0 cumulative GPA/3.0 program GPA during undergraduate study, 2.5 GPA during graduate study).
  • Specific grades in certain courses are required (see catalog for details).
  • Commit to taking courses at the pace and recommendation of the program mentor. This includes possible summer courses or taking a course over the full-time load.
  • Apply and be admitted to FPU Biblical Seminary during the final semester of undergraduate study. Students participating in the Bridge to Ministry program receive priority consideration for admission to FPU Biblical Seminary along with a waived application fee.
  • Other requirements as established in the university catalog.

Application Steps

Deadline to Apply

All steps must be completed prior to the deadline to be considered.

Priority Deadline for Fall: August 1st (1 month before your term of entry begins)

Note: While this is the priority deadline, please submit your application as soon as possible to guarantee early placement in the program as spots are limited.

Apply for BTM Program